Enabling employees to create the work life balance they always desired.

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Employee effectiveness


Employee productivity is greatly impacted by non-work related issues that can be urgent in nature, often requiring immediate attention.Research shows employees, particularly women, fall behind or refrain from choosing demanding career options due to the same.


   Employees Stressed     

They are not able to balance work and life activities.

    Employer Stressed      

Loss of productivity and high attrition levels due to stressed employees.

Decreasing Diversity Stress

Research indicates that women in mid-career either leave the workforce or do not make senior career choices due to the above.


Decrease stress, increase productivity and diversity in our exchange platform


An exchange platform to improve life and work

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Get help for day to day routine needs


WorknLife is an exchange platform where employees can get help to balance life needs and reinvest time in self improvement and career.


Grow in career, social life, creative hobbies, innovation


Create a social ecosystem